Kindergarten Newsletter

Week Of April 9th

Highlights from last week....

What a great week in Kindergarten!!

In Reader's Workshop, we worked on how readers think while they read. We used our schema as we read our books. The children worked on making text to text connections while they read. They compared and contrasted characters in different stories.

In Writer's Workshop, we started our unit on Poetry. The kids LOVE it!!

In phonics, we focused on short vowels, digraphs and building words.

In Math, we finished our unit 4 module. We worked on adding and subtracting numbers within 10 using multiple strategies. The children ROCKED it!!

In Science, we continued unit on plants. Our beans have sprouted!!

A peek at our learning this week....

In Reader's Workshop, we will be working on how readers think while they read. We will be using our schema as we read our books. The children are working on making text to text while they read. They will compare and contrast different fiction and non fiction stories regarding seeds and plants this week.

In Writer's Workshop, we will be working on writing our own poems.

In phonics, we will focus on short vowels, building words and nonsense words.

In Math, we will be starting our new module that focuses on the number ten and teen numbers.

In Science, we will continue to learn about plants!

A Note from Miss Driscoll

We had our math assessment on Friday, it was great to see how far they have come with addition and subtraction! We will continue practicing and using the multiple strategies that we have learned. As always, please continue practicing at home, using food, legos, or blocks are great ways to make adding and subtracting fun.

Our April book order will be sent home this week. If you wish to order books, please order online or return orders by April 27th.

Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies the couple of weeks. We are VERY appreciative of any and all donations.

A Note from Mrs. Maillet

We had an AWESOME week! These kids are not only reading machines, but also mathematicians! We took our end of the module assessment and the kids NAILED it!! I am SO proud of your children! Thank you for all that you do!

I sent home the April book order on Friday, it will be due on April 27th. Thank you for your support.

Also, we are down to our last container of Clorox wipes. If any of you would like to donate some, we would REALLY appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!

A Note from Mrs. Potter

The kids really seemed to enjoy the start of our poetry unit! They are so creative and see the world in such an interesting way. I can’t wait to see what they come up with when they start writing their own poems!

Our book order finally arrived late Friday afternoon! Books will be coming home on Monday!

THANK YOU to everyone who sent in supplies last week!! :)

A Note From Mrs. Marcoux

We finished up our math assessments on Friday, the children did so well! I am very pleased at how much they have learned.

We also began a poetry unit. Yesterday we wrote poems about feelings and then shared them with the class. I love seeing the creativity of the class.

I will send home a new book order form this week if anyone would like to purchase any books.

Thank you to those who sent in supplies this week, it was a tremendous help!

A Note from Mrs. Goldthwaite

WOW! This week we had some great learning going on! It is so wonderful when we hear the students reading with confidence. Writing with related sentences of what they have read.

In math they are solving math problems with manipulatives and they are able to verbally express how they are solving those problems.

Book orders are due this Thursday. It is a good time to start looking to add to your summer reading collections.

Please be watching for our next fundraiser. This is a walk-a-thon Friday, May 4th. It will be sent out later this week so you can collect donations over vacation.

You can still send in a white standard size pillow case. These are for a project later this year.

Thanks for the great support.