The United States at a state of war with Great Britain


As many Americans know, impressment has become a huge problem for our sailors. Hundreds of ships have been captured and our sailors are forced to serve in the British Navy. As a result of this and multiple other problems with the foreign nation, The United States is now in a state of war with Great Britain. Federalist are highly upset and have been depressed and saddened while Democratic-Republicans are full of joy.
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Warhawks Pushing Madison

Several men who have called themselves "The Warhawks" including Henry Clay and John Calhoun. These men have tried over and over again to get President Madison to declare war against the world superpower nation of Great Britain, but Madison has finally cracked under the pressure. Sending a request to congress for war with Britain. None of the Federalist in the house voted for the war, the amount of Democratic-Republicans out numbers the amount of Federalist by a landslide, putting The United States in a state of war.

Andrew Jackson "American War Hero"

British soldiers advancing in New Orleans, Louisiana where put to a stop due to Andrew Jackson and his men. As the British were walking in an open field, Andrew and his men were hiding behind cotton bales for cover. On his call he and his men slaughtered hundreds of British men. The battle was short but bloody. Only a few of Jacksons men where killed. More news coming in.

America at Peace

A few weeks ago a peace treaty was made between the U.S. and Great Britain. The treaty of Ghent was signed at Belgium on December 24th. Although there was no clear winner, America has once again not been defeated by the world superpower of Great Britain. Morale of Americans all over the country is at all time highs. The economy is better than ever while the war has made America an independent country not relying on England to manufacture our goods. It truly is a good day for America.