SPRING has arrived!

It's time to stock up

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Beat the rush by getting material on your yard now at a good price.

The market dropped again this morning but activity is ON THE RISE. Our phones are ringing and accounts are stepping in to prepare for nice weather. It will be in the 70s here this weekend and the trees are starting to bloom. It is time to look over your current inventory, make projections and stock up.
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Why cleanliness is next to profitability on importance.

Let's pretend your 2x6x12s are about $10 dollars a piece retail price. If you can prevent at least 10 pieces each month from being culled because of poor housekeeping you'd be saving your store almost $2000.00 a year. A good buyer monitors his incoming prices but a SMART buyer also focuses on how he could be saving on the back end. Here are some simple tips we have compiled of real issues we see every day in retail yards.


-Rotate stock on a continuous basis
-Make sure material is stacked neatly
-Don't break the bands unless you have to
-Eliminate customers picking through material without supervision
-Store wood in shaded areas out of direct SUN - keep under roof if possible.
-Stop allowing customers to cull product when it meets grade
-Practice realistic expectations during the sale