Decline of the Roman Empire

By Ronny E., Harrison M., Madeline Ponticelli

A trip to Nola

The death of Aogustos Caesàr became the straw that broke the camels back for the Roman Empire which aided in the communities downfall. Aogutus Caesàr died in Nola Italy while traveling to his father. On his journey to Nola, two bandits assassinated his horse, this caused him to break 3 ribs.

Death of Aogustos

The two bandits didn't think this was enough, they force feed him a poisonous fig. But, That still was not enough, they decided to rip him in half. This caused his death at the age of 75.

The downfall of Rome

The things that lead to the downfall of the Roman Empire was, the decline of morals from the rise of Christianity, the corrupt tax collectors, only allowing the wealthy to rile, and the sweep of plagues, famine and natural disasters. This all started after Aogustos's death, declining the Roman rule.