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Christ Faith Evangelical Church Purposes In Their Generation

Today, knowing the church that teaches the true doctrines of Jesus Christ can be challenging. It is for this reason that people need to look for a congregation that teaches and practices the word of God. Christ faith evangelical church is a Bible-believing ministry that teaches on the uncompromised doctrine of Jesus. The church ensures that people in their locality understands the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry has its doctrines based on the death, rising and exaltation of Jesus. It is in this principle that Christ will come back as King to take those that followed his commands on the Day of Judgment. It is always beautiful to be in a ministry that is full of love, knowledge, and power of God. The leadership of the ministry reaches out to all people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Their calling and purpose in Ministry is to equip the congregation with the truth about the Word. It is because they believe that the power is in salvation, and it comes only from hearing and understanding the gospel. The church also carries out social activities to meet compassionately the needs of their members and those around as part of Gods purpose.

As Christ reached out to people with different conditions in His community, the church believers also emulate the example of the Lord. The basis of their faith is there is one true God that exists in three persons the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and is the creator of heavens and earth. Therefore, as God created the world someday, He will judge the world with his supreme authority.

The Bible is the ultimate divine inspiration of God written in His purpose, will, and has the Old and New Testament. All people whether male or female are created in the likeness of God in the image of love, holiness, and care. The church also believes that sin separated man from God a relationship that Jesus restored when He died on the cross.

However, only the death of Christ on the cross that atoned for man sins and the relationship between God and man was restored. The death at the Cross, paid the price of sin, defeating evil and reconciling man to God. The return of Jesus Christ is a fulfillment of the Purposes of God to bring eternal life to those that accepted and lived according to the commands of Christ.

The church is a multicultural ministry that welcomes people from all lifestyles. You need to visit the ministry and enjoy the amazing love of God. The ministers at the Ministry express the candid word of Jehova in deed and testimony in obedience to their calling.

The members of the congregation understand that there is diversity in experience and culture among people. However, when people congregate at the feet of Jesus for fellowship, the differences among people become non-essential. There are various meetings that you can attend in the church to meets your spiritual needs. In each meeting, the purpose is to learn the biblical truth, praying fervently, reading the Word and fellowshipping to ensure that each person is fully equipped for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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