Helen Keller

Helen was deaf and blind but she touched the hearts of many.


Helen Keller was born deaf and blind. Her strange condition made it difficult for her to communicate which cause extreme frustration in her younger years. When Helen was misunderstood she would become frustrated and often threw tantrums. Three months before Helen turned seven she met Anne Sullivan. In around six months Anne was teaching Helen vocabulary words, how to use the manual alphabet, multiplication, and braille. After Helen learned about a girl with a similar condition she was determined to learn how to speak. Using special techniques involving her other senses, like touch, Helen was on her way to learn how to speak.


Despite Helen's disabilities she was able to accomplish, becoming a world famous author, speaker, an activist for people with disabilities, and an active member of the social party. Helen wrote a book called, The Story of my Life. Even though Helen met many famous people she was often criticized by calling attention to her disabilities.

Conflicts/Life Lesson

The conflicts with Helen Keller are character vs self and character vs society. Helen's disabilities effected her personal and professional life. This causes the self conflict, i can only imagine the internal battle shes fighting. Helen faces a lot of criticism in society because of her medical problems. But despite her judgmental environment Helen continues to follow her dreams and fight.

Personal Life

Helen was never married, however, she spent the rest of her days living with Anne Sullivan. Anne was Helen's care taker, teacher, and her best friend. Sadly, Helen Keller passed away June 1, 1968. I think Helen lived a difficult but great life. She inspired many to believe in themselves and to never give up, including me.
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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing," Helen Keller


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