How Does the Internet Work?

What do you know?

Web Cache Server

The Web Cache Server stores information for the most popular items searched on the Internet.

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

Each and every device on the Internet has a different IP address. An IP address is usually an 11- digit number or 18 digits of letters AND numbers.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

The URL is the name of the website which is usually at the top of your web page.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

The ISP is the one that provides a connection to the Internet. In Dubai, there are two main ones: Etisalat and Du.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

The DNS is like a directory; it shows you which IP addresses are connected to which URLs.

http:// (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

'http' are the rules for using any files, pictures, videos, etc. on the World Wide Web.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)

TCPs are used to get data from one device to another.

www (World Wide Web)

A man named Tim Berners- Lee invented the World Wide Web. The WWW is where you can access documents by using the Internet.

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