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What's Happening This Week:

Writing on the Walls Week!

Monday: Mrs. Armstrong out. (Dr. Sladek @ ZE). Tiny Guitar Club Rehearsal @ 7:45 am. K-2 WOW Mo Almanac Assembly 1:30-2:00 (Cafeteria). 3-5 WOW Mo Almanac Assembly 2:15-2:45 (Cafeteria),

Tuesday: Good News Club 3:40. WOW Family Literacy Event @ 6:00pm.

Wednesday: PHS Basketball Readers visit classrooms 9:15-10:15 am.

Thursday: All Day LIM Coaching Day [Close Your Gaps - Proficiency Gaps] = PLCs! PHS Speech Team WOW Assembly K-5 @ 9:30 am (Cafeteria). Spirit Squad Practice @ 3:45 pm.

Friday: 11:00 am -1:00 pm Daddy O's Cheese-steak Food Truck

Saturday: ZE Rescheduled PTO Trivia Event @ 6:00 pm (St. Bridget's).


Non-tenured teachers will be completing their summative meetings with administrators this week. Tenured teachers on track for a summative this year will meet with administrators during the last week of April.

Classified staff members will have their evaluation meetings with administrators at the end of March.

WOW---Writing on the Wall

Writing is a key goal for our school this year and your commitment to student growth is appreciated. Enjoy the week surrounded by writing concepts and activities. The WOW team has put a lot of time and energy into providing our school activities focussed on writing. Each student piece of writing is a product of academic growth that our teachers and staff have supported. Thank you Zitzman Team!

Consider taking your class on a parade through the school to checkout the GREAT writing. Feel free to leave a positive post-it as a whole class on a few pieces of writing.

School Climate and Administrator Survey

Please consider taking the confidential staff survey to help our school leaders grow. See Judy Downey for a treat after you've completed the survey. Your time is appreciated.


LIM: Student Accountability & Quality Tools

Student Accountability - 3 Starter Steps

Step 1: Listen with your eyes, your ears, and your heart. Connect to prior learning around Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood and model Empathic Listening with role play. Prompt student thinking around nonexamples of Empathic Listening by asking “How will we know if we our partners aren’t listening with their eyes, ears, and heart?

Step 2: Encourage. Invite students to share their own definitions of and personal experiences withencouragement. Connect to prior learning around the Emotional Bank Account, distinguishing between helpful words and hurtful words when discussing what encouragement “sounds like.” Capture the helpful words and emphasize that they can be used as language frames in future WIG Sessions.

Step 3: Make connections. Connect to prior learning around Habit 6: Synergize. Introduce the power of the “What if…” in generating wild ideas or 3rd Alternatives. Brainstorm possible “What if…” questions we might ask when our partners are struggling to meet their goals.

Want to take student goals to the next level, but find it difficult to confer with students regularly? Lean on a system for peer Accountability Partners. Get started by checking out this Classroom Resource as inspiration for those T-charts and lessons aimed at empowering students to help each other. It also makes a great visual to include in Leadership Notebooks.

Full Article Here: https://limweekly.org/student-accountability-3-starter-steps/?utm_campaign=EDUTLIM_NWS_EM_02182019_LIMWKLY_student_accountability&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua

Resources found below.

Quality Tool:

The Line Chart (or line graph) is used to compare sets of data. Typically, the line chart is used to compare sets of data over time. Students can use this tool to track progress in particular area through the week, month, or school year. More than one line can be used to track multiple sets of data over the same time period.

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