Badlands National Park

By: Celine Alatoom


For over 11,000 years, Paleo-Indians and the Arikara tribe have used this place as a hunting area. The Area was full of streams, bison, rabbits, arrow heads, wood, and The Badland Wall. This all ended when settlers came in stripping away the land and making the Indians live on other reservations. The decedents still live there, But now the area is eroded and weathered,leaving beautiful huge prairies and valleys.


The Badlands National Park usually gets about 16 in. of rain annually. Summers are extremely dry and hot with lots of thunderstorms. The average of the highest temperatures is 88 F. The average of low temperatures is -45 F. This very dry climate causes lots of tornadoes and thunderstorms in the area.

Activities and Events

At the Badlands Park, they offer lots of fun things to do. This includes a hiking trail, camping grounds, zip-lining, rock climbing, and canoeing. They have lots of gift shops and museums where ancient Indian artifacts are on display.

Connections to Native Americans

The Badlands used to be a place where the Native Americans would go hunting, since the place had lots of resources, animals, and water. Native Americans also lived there due to the large spaces. The park is very historical. Art, arrow heads, clothing, and tents have been left behind from them.

Interesting Facts

*In December and January it is very dry in the Badlands, but in June and July it is very wet and damp.

* In some of the valleys, there are carvings of pictures in the walls of rock.

* You have to pay a fee of 15 dollars for parking.

* There are 56 species of grass in the park itself.

*There are hundreds of species of wildflowers on the park itself.

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