Exploring Christianity

By Jaida Adamson

Followers of Christianity are called Christians

Christians believe in the god of Abraham, who they call Yaweh. The common figure in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is Abraham. The Christian Holy Book is called the Bible. It contains the New Testament and Old Testament. The Old Testament is the history of the law and the stories of the prophets-the ancient Hebrew messengers of God's word. The Old testament also contains prayers written in song or poem form. The New Testament contains stories of Jesus' life and letters and stories about early Christians. Key Christian beliefs are, Trinity, the belief god has three parts: God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit (God's presence on Earth). Prayer is also a key belief in Christianity. The last key belief in Christianity is to achieve salvation. Salvation is eternal life of one's soul with God in Heaven. The main practices and rituals in Christianity are Baptism and Communion. Baptism is an intro into Christianity. Communion is the sharing of bread and wine to remember the Last Supper.

Place of Worship, Worship Leader, Sects, and Common Holy Site

By: Jaida Adamson

Christians worship in a church. Their worship leader is called a priest, minister, pastor, preacher, or father. The sects of Christianity are; Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant (not Catholic). Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, and worship on Sundays. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus or Jesus being reborn. Sunday is when Christians go to church and pray. Jerusalem, Israel is the site of Jesus' crucifixion. Bethlehem, Israel/ West Bank is where Jesus was born.
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