Invasive species!

Devin Schultz-Fire ants

Fire ants (insect)

  • Country of origin: South America.
  • How it spread to other areas: Accidentally introduced to Alabama in the 1930's.
  • How far it has spread: 300 million acres of Southern U.S. including 57 counties in southern NC.
  • Damage it can do: It can damage fruits, berries and young crops; also damage electric boxes; fire ant mounds can destroy equipment such as irrigation systems and can also damage machinery during harvesting operations.
  • Management plan for fire ants: If ants are foraging indoors, use a bait labeled for indoor use as directed. Examples are baits such as abamectin (PT 370-Ascend) or bait stations containing hydramethylnon (MaxForce, Combat) or sulfonamide (Raid Max). Fire ant baits eliminate the colony. Bait products not specifically registered for fire ant control may or may not control them. Alternatively, treat ant trails or infested areas with contact insecticide products registered for such use.