Compass Classroom News

September 5, 2014

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Thank You!

Thank you to the parents who have donated snacks to our class! We have a group of hungry kids!!! We are always accepting snacks and small items for our class store.

Also, thank you for your support! We appreciate all the ways you support us in the Compass Classroom. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions you have. It is our goal to partner with you so that we can do what is best for the students in our classroom.

Skills We Are Working On

This week we have worked on:

  • Being safe with technology. We are starting to use our classroom's devices! More information will go home when we are ready to be full-blown BYOD.
  • We started reading assessments this week and reading groups will be starting soon!
  • We continue to work on being proactive - you are in charge of you! Check out our website's blog for more information.
  • Having a flexible brain. Also, check out the blog on our website.
  • Place value, counting, and addition/subtraction to 20
  • Plant and animal needs
  • Individual goal tracking. Right now we are tracking math and behavior

What to Expect Next Week

  • More and more technology!
  • Growth Mindset
  • Stars and Stairs

*We have an early release day on Wednesday. Dismissal will begin at 1:15.

Next Week's Specials Rotation

Monday - Music

Tuesday - P.E.

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Art

Friday - Leadership Skills


We got to check out three library books on Thursday. This week students got to choose three books of their choice. These books are due next Thursday (September 11th).

Show and Tell

Our students are anxious to bring items from home to share, so we have devised a plan to allow them to do this as well as make connections to their grade-level classrooms.

Starting next Friday (September 12th), students will be allowed to bring one item from home to share. This item must be able to fit inside of their backpacks. If the item is small (a Littlest Pet Shop figure, for example), students may bring more than one as long as they fit inside of a small pencil pouch.

Students will bring the items to school, share them with their classmates in the Compass Classroom, and then invite a friend from their grade level classroom to share with them.

We are excited to help students build relationships with their classmates! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Our Class Behavior Goal

We are still working on not shouting out. We have set a goal and have a scoring scale .
This week it has been a bit harder to meet our goal. During a given time in our day (15 - 20 minutes), we can only have 4 shout-outs. If we have more then we do not make progress toward our goal.
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Our Goals for Students

We have goals for the students in our classroom:

1. We want them to be safe.

2. We want them to make friends.

3. We want them to learn.

It is important to us to have high, but realistic, expectations for students. We want them to get to be with their grade level class as much as possible - when they are ready. This timeline is different for each child in our class. Our school district's mission is "Preparing EACH student for a successful and meaningful life." This is something we are all striving and working for.