Elementary mLearning Options

iOS applications

Classroom Management App!


By Class Twist Inc

This app allows you to talk to parents, monitor classroom behaviours, provide positive reinforcement, give reminders about homework, forms and more with this fantastic Classroom management app.

Letter Learning app!

ABC Ninja - The Alphabet Letters and Phonics Slicing Game for Kids

By Innovative Mobile Apps

This app is available in the iOS app store. It would be most appropriate for Kindergarten or early Div 1 students students who are still learning their phonetics and would like to play a game and learn at the same time! Slice the letters by name or phonetic sound.
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Creative Language App!


By ICDL Foundation

This app allows student to tell detailed stories. This would be excellent to use in conjunction with a creative writing lesson. Students can also re-tell the story from a different perspective or change parts of well-known stories.

Current Events App!

Talking Tom & Ben News

By Outfit7 Limited

This app can help students stay up to date on current events by letting them play the role of News Anchor. This can encourage research world event knowledge in addition to speaking skills.

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Fractions App!

Pizza Fractions 1

By Brian West

This app can help students learn about fractions in a simple way that they can picture! The simplicity of it allows for student self-direction and lots of practice. Kids get to practice naming fractions and matching names with the visual appearance of a pizza divided into any number of cheesy parts.

Art and colour app!

Zoodle Pad

By Pokey Toad Studios

This app allows for total creative freedom for students and an unlimited palette of colours. This app also allows playback through video which would be a great way to analyze artistic process with students.

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Solar System App!

Star Chart


This app allows students to explore our solar system and galaxy all on an app that shows constellations, moons, planets and more! Students can also point their phones to the sky to identify constellations and other key defining features of our sky.