My First Deer

The Time I Shot My First Deer

I was seven when I shot my first deer. My dad and I had been hunting all week. We weren't having any luck. One of my dad's friends had a stand that he was seeing deer on. He told my dad to take me hunting there so I could get my first deer. We went to his stand before daylight so that we could get there before the deer. It was cold that morning. It was about 28 degrees. I remember falling asleep in the deer stand. It was to early for me. I remember my dad waking me up and telling me to get my gun up and get ready. The deer stepped out and I shot it. I was super excited. It was my first deer.

This is a reflection in current time of how everyone has firsts in their lives. There's the first step. The first word. For me it was my first deer. For someone's first step they can build on that and eventually learn to walk. It’s the same for me. The more and more I hunt and the more and more deer I harvest the better I get at it.

This reminds me of the first man on the moon. My metaphor is "its one small step for man." For them it was the fist of many trips to the moon. For me it was the first of many deer. Every experience build on the other. The more and more you do something the better you get at it. I become a better hunter as I age and harvest more deer.

For sound I can use a gunshot. For video I can show a video of someone shooting a deer. I can help the reader relate to my experience by comparing it to one experience the reader might have had such as first words or firs time they ate the best hamburger or something of that sort.

Gunshot sound effect
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