Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About my novel

My novel was Diary of a wimpy kid! This was a hard book to read but i finished it! Well Diary of a Wimpy kid was about a kid name Greg Heffly and his mom gave him a diary so he could write about his problems in. He wrote about everything that happened to him and Greg wasnt one of those swaggers kids at school he was a loser so everyone picked on him and his best friend Rowley Jefferson, these two kids are gonna try everything to become one of the cool kids at school

Featuring Greg Heffy as the Protagonist

Rodrick Heffy which is Gregs brother is the antagonist and the main characters are Manny Heffy who is Gregs Little brother Susan Heffy who is his mom and Frank Heffy who is his dad and Rowley Jeferson which is his best friend

Personal Review of the Book

My book can related to greek mythology because in the story Greg Heffly is obsessed with being popular in school and he ignores his best friend because hes trying to becoming popular. In my story Greg goes on a journey to find a new friend because his best friend left him caus Greg was not being friends with im cause he wasnt cool enough, he thought. In my story Greg Heffy suffers a traumatic event when he lost his best friend from trying to become popular but no one likes him so he fails at it and has no friends.There is a unlikeable male character in my story which is Rowley becasue hes chick magnet when Greg breaks his hand

why i think my book is good for you

This book was amazing and i think everyone should read it because its a page turner so you wouldnt be able to put the book down.


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