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Becky Kelly's Arbonne Consultant Newsletter, April 2016

I am so Grateful for every one of You!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

...For taking a little bit of time each month to peruse my newsletter, click on my links, & talk on the phone...which is kind of Retro these days, but who doesn't love retro!?

...For being amazing customers! By choosing Arbonne for yourself, your are living a cleaner life by not allowing chemicals into your body!

... For being a GREAT Friend! By hosting presentations, You are helping my business and helping our friends learn the value of detoxifying THEIR lives by switching their every day products to Arbonne's.

I am so Grateful for every one of You!!

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Pure Vibrance hair care

Do you know me? If you do, you know my hair! Naturally curly, yet fine which means it tends to frizz. Pure Vibrance doesn't just protect the color, it moisturizes without feeling heavy. I also use the mousse or opt for the serum (not pictured) for extra frizz control and/or hold.

**Do Not let the 8 oz size fool you into thinking it won't last long!**

My 2 teenage daughters and I all share the same bottles and it takes AT LEAST 6 weeks to empty those bottles. This is because, like all Arbonne products, they are very concentrated. I use about a marble sized amount of each.

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Arbonne's flagship skin care line: RE9 Advanced

Every morning and Every night, I treat myself to this wonderful, concentrated, Vitamin C filled Anti-aging set. Within this set (and you can buy individually) you get:

~ The Cleanser which removes the dirt and makeup of your day without stripping the protective acid mantle on your skin. (important!)

~ Regenerating pH-balanced Toner that prepares your skin for the next step while firming and lifting

~ Intensive Renewal Serum which contains collagen-supporting ingredients to firm and lift while encouraging cell turnover to reveal to most beautiful you.

~ Corrective eye cream to improve the look of fine line, puffiness and dark circles

~ Day Cream with SPF 20. It's everything a Day cream should be: moisturizing, collagen-supporting and protective.

~ Night Repair Cream which is ultra-hydrating and corrective. Perfect for supporting your body's natural repairing night time processes.

**Also super concentrated formulas in vacuum containers which deliver just the right amount and you get nearly EVERY drop! This set will last you 4-6 months!**

No more lotions left behind and put high on a shelf! When you invest in quality products with quality ingredients, you are investing in YOU!!!

My Daily Go-To cosmetics:

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"It's A Long Story Mascara"

Even my teenagers approve!! (You KNOW that's a big deal!)

Clinically tested and water-RESISTANT (not proof), and long-wearing, it lengthens for as much or as little drama as You are personally looking for. We Love it!

** An Arbonne Best-seller**

Host Promotion for April

I love choices! So for the months of April and May, you can choose to receive for FREE the fantastic Primer that I highlighted above
choose a surprise gift of one of the BRAND NEW Products that Arbonne is launching this month!! I don't even know what they are yet! We find this out in Vegas on April 15th!

Stay tuned!
When you book a presentation with me, I will order your choice and bring it with me to your presentation. Who doesn't love a FREE product??!

I prefer phone calls :) (retro remember?) but PLEASE text or email me if you'd like to host!!

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To be more specific:

In regards to healthy gut flora and our immune systems:

For this**particular Full article go to:

**there is a tremendous amount of information out there about this subject. I included this one because it's concise and to the point without being too long.
One of my personal go-to guru groups is The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM. You can google them and do research as well!

30 Days to Healthy Living

Monday, April 18th, 7am

This is an online event.

Are you ready to learn what a healthy relationship with food feels like/looks like/tastes like!? And while you're at it, get a boat-load of education ~ the Why's and How's we need to fuel our bodies and souls with delicious, healthy, whole foods & the recipes to thoroughly enjoy them??
It's YOUR Life! What do you want it to feel like? How long do you want it to last?

As an RN, and as a Promoter of:
~ healthy bodies
~ healthy minds
~ healthy planet
....I care very much that we all learn what it takes to feel our best in order to BE our best which benefits us first and in turn, ALL of our relationships...And it starts with you.

Want to learn more? Please RSVP below (no one can see it but me!) And we can meet 1 on 1 for a consultation. I even bring goodie samples for you!

The next Healthy Living Group starts April 18th!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

I love sharing Arbonne with You!

There are 4 ways to purchase/obtain Arbonne's Pure, Safe and Beneficial products:

1. Be a HOST!! This benefits everyone!
~ I get to share with new people
~ You earn products at a steep discount!
~ They learn!

2. As a Client, you can set up an account online through me at There is no fee and you can shop happily knowing you're making a great change for yourself!

3. As a Preferred Client you can also set up an account online and for just $20 for 1 year you get 20%-40% off every order as well as Preferred Rewards ($$ back with qualifying purchases), special promotions from me and of course.. knowing you're making a great change for yourself by switching to cruelty-free and Vegan products!
(** there is NO monthly minimum purchase and NO automatic shipping or CC charging!**)

4. As an Independent Consultant you can purchase products at 35%-50% off AND have the ability to EARN A PAYCHECK! Who doesn't want a little extra money??