Lesson Study

Region 17 ESC, September 9, 2022


Welcome back, educators! We hope you have each had a restful and relaxing summer. Two of us here at the Region 17 Education Service Center will be pairing up to assist you with the Lesson Study Program, and we are both excited to get started!

Let us introduce ourselves.

Haley Maldonado: My experience in education has led me down many rewarding paths; from elementary teacher, reading recovery coach, school counselor, high school assistant principal, elementary principal, to the ESC. Each different position I have held has taught me something valuable about the field of education and I am excited to bring use to those experiences to help support those participating in lesson study.

Stacy Bender: For 21 years, I have taught high school science in various parts of Texas, my most recent assignment at Abernathy High School where I taught biology, anatomy & physiology and microbiology. I am looking forward to using my own experiences and knowledge to support teachers in their classrooms.

We will be communicating with you through Smore to enable all to have better access to the materials. However, if you need to contact us directly, please refer to our contact information at the bottom of this newsletter. We are looking forward to getting started!

Why Lesson Study?

  1. Lesson Study teachers see student achievement gains on STAAR.
  2. Teachers in Texas Lesson Study reported higher levels of confidence in teaching abilities, feeling like a respected professional, and expertise in the content area taught as well as many other attributes that enhance school culture.
  3. Teachers in Texas Lesson Study reported higher levels of ​confidence in crafting good questions, using a variety of assessment strategies, providing alternate examples to alleviate confusion, and implementing alternative strategies in the classroom.
  4. Lesson Study participants are more likely than other teachers to stay teaching within a district, likely due to higher job satisfaction.
  5. Lesson Study enables Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to become high-functioning.

A Teacher's Perspective

What do teachers and administrators think about Lesson Study? Take a couple of minutes to view the 🎥video🎥 on what to expect as a teacher and as a colleague.

Lesson Study Format

The Lesson Study Program is intended to improve teaching and learning in the classroom through teacher-directed, collaborative action and research. There are five phases within the program, and it will take approximately 6-10 weeks to complete the cycle. Here are the five different phases:

  • Examine & Identify
  • Review & Plan
  • Teach & Observe
  • Reflect & Revise
  • Share and Network

Helpful Materials

Our Spill

Watch our brief, 🎥5-minute, personal video🎥 made specifically for you! You'll learn about the mission and vision statements of Lesson Study, its organization statewide, the basic structure of each lesson cycle, and the benefits of Lesson Study for PLCs and educators.

Texas Lesson Study Website

Have more questions or just curious? If you would like more information regarding the Lesson Study Program, feel free to peruse the Texas Lesson Study website linked here. https://texaslessonstudy.org/

Lesson Study Lead & Coach

Mrs. Haley Maldonado

Region 17 ESC, Education Specialist