Week 1.2

August 31st - September 4th

Monday 08.31

Homework: Fractions to Decimal worksheet


#s 1-4, 9-12, 21-28

Pre-AP Math

any 30 problems

Fraction and Decimal Conversion Notes

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Tuesday 09.01

Converting Decimals and Fractions- HW- Finish Worksheet


Terminating Decimals

Repeating Decimals

Pre-Algebra 18 - Converting Fractions to Decimal Numbers
Pre-Algebra 19 - Converting Terminating Decimal Numbers to Fractions

Wednesday 09.02

Classifying Rational Numbers

Classifying Rational Numbers

Homework: Rational Numbers Notes

Cut out from green sheet and glue in notebook as directed in the steps.

Step 4. Fill out each section with numbers belonging to each one.

Thursday 09.03 (In Computer Lab)

Instructions to log in to online textbook for the first time.

In case it is hard to read:

The REDEMPTION CODE is 3G23-KTOG-TL4O (those are all o's not zeroes)

Under instructions you will find a button that is a link to the website.

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Click Me for Online Textbook

Online Textbook has tutoring lessons that can be reached by clicking the purple conversation bubbles found when looking at the online textbook.

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