Air + Water Pollution Exhibition

2015 by : Camille Backhausen 5D

Reflection Of The First Week


The first week has been fun ,but a little stressful. Me and paige started of great and we got lots of things to do. Of course we could have done better , but so far it's going great! we have started to write our form question. I think I have been a good worker. I have done a lot of homework but I still got time to be with my family. I am happy to be with paige for the exhibition. I am great full to do Pollution for the G5 2015 exhibition. I am happy to have ms. Anne-Marie as mentor and helper for the Exhibition. Will do my best to stay positive and have fun doing the exhibition working time.


What action have you been thinking about doing? How do you think it may affect your community?

Right where I am now I will focus on one topic. I also have some fewe ideas for an action. My topics is Water Plastic Pollution. For W.P.P I have been thinking about doing a Poster/model(big one) to display in the school p.v.p. I am also thinking of picking up plastic around the school and recycling it as one of my actions.

But I am still not entirely sure about it and maybe I will come up with some more ideas.

I think this is going to surprize people that W.P.P is such a big and horrible problem. I also think it gona change peoples look on plastic, nature and recycling. I hope it will change people's minds so they will help and stop W.P.P.

One thing I have learnt so far

Since I started the exhibition I have learnt some new things. I have learnt that plastic is not only a useful product , it's also one of the biggest and harmfulness pollution problem. It does not only pollut to make . It can poison, kill , trap and trick animals. I have learnt that plastic is not only bad it's also extremely hard to get rid of.