A True Renaissance Man

His Life

Born circa 1386 in Florence, Italy where he spent most of his life

Son of a wool carder

Friends with Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti

Trained for his artistry in the shop of Ghiberti

Died in 1466 (80 years old!)

His Work

Donatello was a sculptor who got his inspiration from the classical arts of Greece and Rome.

The Medici family sponsored Donatello in his work

Donatello created the first free standing nude statue in the Renaissance- "David"

Created "Madonna and Child with Three Angels" and "Abraham and Isaac"


"David" is a sculpture made by Donatello. He is made of bronze and was the first freestanding nude statue since Roman antiquity. The Medici family asked Donatello to sculpt this statue asa a symbol of their power. He is a sculpture of David from the biblical story "David and Goliath" and is Florence's symbol. However "David" shocked many people for the male nudity in the sculpture. This piece of art intrigues me because of the blatant form of humanism and the modern look of the statue. "David" can be found in the Bargello museum in Florence, Italy.

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What Makes Him A Renaissance Man

Humanism- Donatello traveled to Rome with Brunelleschi to study the ancient architecture and art. They both were very intrigued by the classical antiquity of ancient Rome. Donatello's artwork were the most realistic sculptures of the Renaissance

Scientific Naturalism- Donatello captured the essence of scientific naturalism with his realistic sculptures of humans and their actions

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