The legend of the chupacabra

Is the chupacabra real

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First Spotted: 1995

Spotted in: Purteo Rico

Eyes: Blue

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Last Spotted in: Puerto Rico

Age: 18 years old


The chupacabra has a leathry or scaly green skin, sharp spines running down its back, unusal eye sockets, has a pronounced spinal ridge, teeth and claws and has a head similar to a dog. It was last spotted in Puerto Rico. Most chupacabras have died because of people shooting them so there are very little left and could be extinct. Barry O' Connor said that they were coyotes with parasites. Others call it a goat sucker so if you have a farm with goats in it and you find it dead and ripped open a chupacabra has eaten your goats. I believe that chupacabras are real because of the people I saw o the internet that shot them.

If found please contact 1-800-(CHUPA)

By: Scott Michels