Open House

Come Meet Your Child's Teacher!

I am excited to meet the parents of the students I will be teaching this year! A good relationship between the parents, educators, and students creates the best learning environment and success. I am open to all questions, and will use the time to make sure every person feels confident in their knowledge of what will be taught in the classroom this year.

Mr. Brown's Educator Open House

Sunday, May 15th, 9pm

2315 Allison Lane

Jeffersonville, IN

Parents caring means students caring. Come meet your child's teacher.
There will be light refreshments, and all additions are welcome!
9:00-9:15 Introduction of myself, education, and experience.
9:15-9:45 Go briefly over Indiana Academic Standards and how my lessons are designed to meet these standards.
9:45-10:00 I will walk parents through WebQuest and give a general description of how the technology the students will be using works so that parents can assist with homework if needed.
10:00-10:30 Open Questions
10:30 The open house will come to a close.