Planet Lazerus

Mason Lazasz

Habitable Conditions

Star: Red giant star

Orbit: 5.2 AU

Planet mass: 2

Volcanoes: yes

Planet: yes

Liquid water: yes

Producers: yes

Moons that revolve Lazerus

I have 2 moons the orbits for my moons are is close this means the tides are very strong and high.

Juper- This moon is bigger then acver but is a little farther away not making the tides as strong as they could be.

Acver- Is the most most visible moon that lazerus can see it has the most gravitational pull that makes the tides very strong

Plante tilt

The axial tilt for this planet is 25 degrees this means that when the lazerus moves around the sun the season change. There are 4 season winter, spring, summer, fall these happen when the sun is hitting the planet in different spots if it is summer in one side of the planet it is winter on the other.

Mass and Gravitly

The mass of the planet is very big. There is a lot of gravity you would weigh 2x your size on Lazerus then earth.
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