Creating Custom Google Maps

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Google is Everywhere!

Google Maps (Part I of "The Googling")
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Click the links below to explore examples of Google Maps being used in different ways.

  • What do you like? Dislike?
  • What kinds of media are included?
  • Were there instructions on the map?
Notice the elements on the maps you explore and be prepared to share your findings!

General Resources:


Latitude/Longitude, Equator, Prime Meridian, Time Zones

Street View


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Your Turn!

Create a Google Map for you to use in your classroom.

Include at least:

  • three placemarkers
  • two layers
  • one image
  • one link
  • one video
  • one "shape"


  • Put placemarkers for your school, your home, your dream vacation spot.
  • Put the vacation spot on a different layer.
  • Add an image of your vacation spot.
  • Add a link to your school website to your school placemarker.
  • Add a video to put in the placemarker at your home.
  • Create a shape around your home and school to show your "territory."



The beauty of Google is that collaboration is made simple. If you want others to contribute to your map, simply change the Share settings (upper right-hand corner).

Set it to "Anyone with the link" "can edit."

Click the link below to share your map with the rest of the group and see what others are making.


Installing the Google Earth Plugin for Google Maps

Visit this site to download the plugin:

Note: Click the button in the center of the page, not in the top right corner.

Follow the prompts to run the download. You might have to restart your browser to see the Earth imagery.

If you have trouble installing, check to see if your browser/operating system is compatible: Plug-in Requirements

Troubleshooting Guide