Korean War

"The Divided State"

A difference in ideals.

The Korean War was fueled by a difference in ideals. Not just between North and South Korea but between Communism and Democracy. The Northern part of the country was led by Kim Ill Sung (1912-1994). The Southern half led by an anti-communist dictator Syngman Rhee (1875-1965)

China's Intervention.

China, a now a communist state was alarmed by the now U.S backed South Korean troops pushing upward into the 38th parallel. The U.S counter attack alarmed the Chinese government china responded to U.S aggression in the north by sending troops to the Yalu boundary threatening full on war unless U.S aggression halted. The U.S fearing total atomic war fell back below the 38th parallel

Sights of The Korean War

How it impacts you today.

Connection to Today and Solutions for the Future.

The North and South states of Korea are still actually at war. Either side could break the lasting peace they've had. North Korea is separated from the world and suffers because of it. One way to prevent something like this happening in the future is to be more careful with disputed territories. One of the main reasons why the North and South separated is because of the fuel on the northern side from communist China and Russian support, and in the south the United States wished to dispute communism in Korea and fueled the southern half of the country. If neither side would have gotten involved then the states of Korea would more than likely be one country. Some possible solutions are to attempt to reunite the countries peacefully. People who live in the south are in a well developed country with a growing economy while those in the south deal with hellish conditions and are ruled over by one family of dictators. If the country is unified the South can help the north become a country and not be separated from the rest of the world anymore. I think this task is going to be nearly impossible but I think it may be able to happen.