Blue Haze Bulletin

Weekly Staff Newsletter 5/2-5/6

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and you're ready for our Bears this morning! We've collaborated with PTA for some great treats for you this week, and we hope each and every one of you know how appreciated you are! THANK YOU for all that you do, every single day!

Looking Ahead!

When we think about a school culture or environment, we must ask ourselves this question for every decision: "Does this support student learning?" If it doesn't, we shouldn't waste our time on it. We are already brainstorming ways to strengthen the instructional culture and environment within BHE. Here are the ideas we've discussed so far to support our learners next year, and we welcome any other suggestions you may have!

  • a campus-wide literacy-rich, reading culture
  • upbeat morning music playing outside for arrival
  • various after school clubs based on student interest/surveys
  • student ambassadors in each classroom
  • leveled reading library including leveled readers AND novel sets
  • strong culture/expectation for respectful interactions among all students, modeled by staff (shaking hands, smiles, eye contact, greetings in hallways)
  • a brighter, more "elementary" aesthetic environment in hallways
  • "reading" or "thinking" nooks in hallways to support independent/partner rdg, book clubs
  • students facilitating morning announcements
  • Battle of the Books
  • utilizing Character Crew for more leadership opportunities (library aides, office aides, tutors, mentors)
  • DEAR time everyday following announcements...ALL students, ALL staff
  • more options for students before school begins each morning (art, lab, explore, recess, library, etc.)
  • a modified library schedule allowing for more open circulation time each day
  • LiiNK Project in K-1 providing new character ed program into weekly curriculum and four, 15 minute recess breaks daily

Monday Morning Smiles :)

Upcoming Dates

Monday 5/2-5/6: Teacher Appreciation Week, RTI Meetings

Wednesday 5/4: Volunteer Breakfast, STAAR Administrators Training (Attendees TBA), MPR 3:05

Thursday 5/5: Grade Level PLCs, Like Skills Mtg Conference Room 3:05

Friday 5/6: Nurse's Day, Assemblies

Monday 5/9: 4th Reading STAAR

Tuesday 5/10: 3rd Reading STAAR

Wednesday: 5/11: 4th Math STAAR (Staff Meeting TBD)

Thursday 5/12: 3rd Math STAAR

*Please be aware that due to a hectic end of year schedule and much to discuss, we may have back to back weekly staff meetings in the month of May instead of the usual every other Wednesday. Please keep Wednesday afternoons free from appointments.

HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! Have a fabulous Monday everyone! :)