Wanted Dead or Alive

William Kidd a.k.a Captain Kidd

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-born in Dundee, Scotland in 1654

-in 1680s became a privateer

-was commissioned when England and France had a war, job was to protect The William from French attacks

-career began when he was hired to attack French ships in 1696

-abandoned this job to take over merchant ship, Quedagh Merchant

-Kidd didn't have hangouts because he was on the run from the government

-Kidd was last seen in Newgate Gaol being executed

-Kidd was 6'0 ft tall, pale white skin and long blonde hair

-his hobbies were pirating and privateering

-Kidd stole merchant ships and in his early days was a pirate hunter

-Kidd was wanted for stealing the Quedagh Merchant and murder