My family is my community

by Ellie Parker

Some things that make our family different

My family is mixed so we have different skin tones so my mom is African American so she has some Southern and American in her. My dad is American so he has some German and Irish. And so we do all sorts of things also we don't just stick to our regular traditions. Like on Thanksgiving we change up what people usually eat on Thanksgiving, by eating chicken instead of turkey, and our family sometimes we get to pick out our own presents instead of our family doing it.
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I am mostly American

I am mostly American and I do a lots of American things because I live in Minnesota and I do like everything that has something to do with American things. Also think people would do great in the community. And our community is pretty good as far as it is right now. And I do think it would be good if people did join our community because we have a pretty good one. It is important and cool to me because there are people willing to help our community and there is a lot of nice people and our religions make our community great because we are willing to make changes and try new things.