All about me

McKenzie Jeter

Things I like to do

I like to write

making bracelets

talk to friends

draw on mspaint

play with my dogs Beau and Lyla

go out to the land and see my horse and goats

I like owls

and I like hedgehogs

Things I like at school

I like talking to my friends

I like English and Civics

I like to talk and be sociable with everyone

I like to mess around at lunch and eat

My family

I have two sisters, a mom, and a step dad.

I have two dogs(Beau-Beau-Duke and Lyla)

I have two goats(Dexter and Drifter)

and two horses (Belle and Luna)

My hobbies

I like to write

I like to draw on mspaint

I like to eat

I like to travel

I like to go out the the land and sled(swim in summer)

I like to run

I enjoy Cross Country

I am excited for Track

I will do softball this summer

and I love hanging with my family.