Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

Brian Robeson Gets lost in the woods Visiting his dad.


The setting is at the Canadian woods .

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The Characters are Brain , The pilot , his Mom , Dad and Terry

What happen to Brian ?

Brain and the pilot of the plane crashed because the pilot had a heart attack.

What will Brian eat, sleep , protect himself with?

His mother gave with a hatchet that is the only thing he has .

Where will he sleep?

The found a small dome shaped cave that he can sleep in .

What will he eat ?

Berries, Birds and Fish

What is out there that is dangerous ?

Wild Animals

Moose , Porcupines , Wolves .....oh my


NNNOOOOO , NO dragons in Canada


The Hatchet is the only thing he has to protect him self with

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Will some one ever come look for him ?

Brain missed the rescue plane that was flying by

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Brain goes into the plane crash

Under water

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Here is a little treat

Feast your ears on this

Hatchet Audiobook Part 1
Hatchet Audiobook Part 2
Hatchet Audiobook Part 3

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Hope you enjoyed