Chaparral High School

On-Campus COVID-19 Preventative Health & Safety Procedures

Information and Guidance for Families

Included below is a summary of our return to campus protocols to ensure students, families, and staff health and safety.




Student Requirements

  • Students must keep their masks on at all times.
  • Students must stay 6 feet away from each other.
  • Students must bring a device and charger to school daily - this must be fully charged.
  • Students will continue to participate in their classes in Canvas or Google Classroom. There will not be paper assignments for students to work on, this is to ensure student and staff safety.

CHS Reopening Video

Chaparral High School Reopening Video

Bell Schedule (Cohorts & Online Only)

Please Check your email this week for your cohort assignment

*All students will work virtually from home on Mondays. They are still required to check into homeroom (synchronously / live online class 8:00 am - 8:30 am).

Student Technology

Please make sure ON-CAMPUS students come with a fully charged device, a compatible charger, and headphones/ earphones.

We request that if you have a device at home, please have your student bring the device to campus. Please do so under the BYOD policy.

If you do not have a device for the student to bring to school and have not already checked one out from the library, please come to the library during open hours to pick one up. Please print out the Technology Use and Liability Agreement and bring with you.

The CHS Library will be open from March 17 - March 26 & on April 5th (see library hours).


Daily At-Home Checklist

  • Check students temperature (Must be under 100 degrees) without the aid of fever-reducing medicine. If your student has a temperature of 100" or higher they must stay home from school.
  • Bring student mask/face covering
  • Bring student personal refillable water bottle
  • Bring student district-issued or personal iPad, Chromebook, or other compatible learning devices
  • Bring student assigned instructional materials
  • Have students eat a healthy breakfast.


Student Arrival / Entry - See Map Below

  • Gates open at 7:15
  • No student entry prior to 7:15
  • No parents on campus.

  • Only students and staff will be allowed on campus.

  • Follow the usual route to drop your child off for school.

  • Drop off and enter gate closest to your child's first period class.

  • For students with transportation services, the bus will drop off and pick up students in the designated areas.

Big picture

Student Dismissal- See Map Above

  • Students must exit campus immediately after the last class of the day at 12:25. There is no hanging out on campus.
  • Parents may pick students up at the same gate through which they arrived or at the gate closest to your child's last period class.

  • For students with transportation services, exit the gates nearest the bus pick up area.


Signage and Site Walking Patterns

  • Students will be required to follow the traffic flow arrows on the ground to ensure that they are maintaining social distancing as they walk between classes (stay to the right side like traffic lanes).
  • There will be "wait here" signs on the ground that will indicate where students need to stand 6 ft. apart.


Grab and Go Meals

  • Student meals will be available for distribution for TVUSD students every Monday at all six TVUSD middle schools.
  • Parents can pick up 7-day meal packs between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Meal kits provided on Mondays will contain 7 lunches, 7 breakfasts, and enough fruits, vegetables, milk & juice for one complete week.

  • TVUSD enrolled students do not have to be present. Parents can bring printout proof of enrollment from the Infinite Campus portal.
  • Non-enrolled siblings under 18 years of age of enrolled TVUSD students may also receive meals. Non-enrolled siblings must be present.
  • No meals will be provided on-campus *some limited exceptions may occur with the intervention schedule for middle schools and high schools.


Water Fountains & Hand Sanitizing Stations

  • Water fountains will be closed for student use.
  • We recommend that students bring water bottles to campus with them.
  • Students will have access to the water bottle filling station to fill up their bottles.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are installed in every classroom and throughout the common areas in buildings.


Restrooms will be open for student use during classes and passing periods.

  • Soap and hand sanitizers will be provided for student use.

  • Handwashing and physical distancing signs will be displayed.

  • 2 students max are allowed at a time in student restrooms.

Health Office and Transition Room Spaces

  • Transition Room: Students who are ill will be evaluated and possibly escorted to Room 207

  • Routine Medical Needs: Students who take daily medication, need bandaids, etc. will receive medical attention in the health office/front office.

Custodial Cleaning

  • Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces will be completed by all staff often and as needed.
  • Classrooms and mutual spaces will be disinfected nightly by custodians with an electrostatic sprayer.