By: Ramiro Cortez

Typing Web is a website that teaches you how to type. Its a pretty good site to learn how to type. It has 4 courses Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Practice. The beginner is the easiest; as you progress is gets harder.


Coding is a program were you learn computer science with codes in computers. There are two ways you can do it with them having the commands in English or using Java Script. No matter which one you chose it will take some thinking but me personally I think Java Script is harder.

Career locker

Career locker is a web site that helps you find out which career is best for you. You will be doing it with Mrs. Vandenboogaard our school counselor.


iTrailer is a app where you will be making trailers. The trailer can be on what ever you want. It is pretty fun for creative people.

Haiku deck

Haiku Deck is after career locker. It let you make slide shows on whatever you want. In this case you make it about your dream career.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is on you iPad where you can do it just like notability. In this project you have to solve a math problem.