GCIS Summer Learning Opportunity!

Learning never exhausts the mind. -Leonardo da Vinci

Hey All You Life Long Learners! Please Join Me!

Hey Everyone! For those of you that like to use summer for an opportunity to learn, I want to throw out an opportunity for all of you! Not only will this provide an opportunity to learn, it will also provide a way to connect over the summer socially! Who doesn't love that! I do want to point out that this is not limited to only our staff! If you know someone else that would dive in, roll up their sleeves, and desire to learn, please extend the invitation! Woot Woot!

Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning

Link to Book

Here is the link to the book! This book was just released June 1st! Please take a look and see if it sparks interest!


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Book Study Details

Please fill out the form below as Brenda O. and I plan and schedule our gatherings! Excited to learn and grow in Project Based Learning together with you all!