Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

Who are they?

The co-founder of microsoft

what bill gates is most known for being one of richest men in the world, now of may 29, 2013, he is the richest man in the world. the reason he has that much money is because of microsoft

The co-founder of Apple inc.

Steve jobs was known for talking at Mac world in tennis shoes, jeans, and a black turtle neck. he's Wealth was about 7.1.compared to bill, that is 10% of his wealth, but in 1998 he had only added $13.00 to his wealth before his death in 2011, ( $1= a year !)

Their friends and they are also rivals

Even though their company's often fight over who has the best products with their commercials on TV, here is the resent Microsoft windows 8 tablet vs iPad, with siri saying... "I'm sorry, I don't update like that" and "I'm sorry, I can only do one thing at a time". The video is right below so you can watch it.
Windows 8: Less talking, more doing

some products from apple and Microsoft, and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talking

i Mac is copyright Apple inc. and Windows 8 is copyright of Microsoft inc.