Mrs. Peters' Class News

November 30th-December 4th

Classroom Connections

Reading: This week we've focused on the Great Depression and Babe Ruth. After studying both of these topics, we read a historical fiction piece called The Babe and I. We will continue with this next week. Please, make sure your student does their nightly 20 minutes of reading. At the end of each month, I tally the total number of minutes read. If they read a total of 2,400 minutes (20 minutes a week night/400 minutes a month), they will be able to a popcorn/movie party in May.

Writing: We narrowed down our topics for our informational writing piece! This will be a quarter-long unit.

Cursive: Students learned the letters "c" and "q".

Math: Now that the multiplication/division unit is over, we started measurement. We've been practicing measuring things to the nearest quarter inch. This unit will also include time and reading/making graphs.

Science: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (sorry, Pluto!). We have been studying the solar system! The kiddos learned the order of the planets and a few facts about each one. It's such a fun topic!

Read Aloud: This week we started the book, Wayside School is Falling Down. It has been getting a lot of laughs!

Holiday Concert

The students did such a great job at their concert! Their hard work paid off and I am so proud of them.

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