The Me Project Lovleen Sarah

Edited by: Nishita Bansal

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Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Lovleen Kaur Sarah. I am 15 years old and am a 10th grade student at Louise Arbour Secondary School. I am a very loud, friendly, and tempered person. I have a lot of likes and dislikes. Some of my likes include the colour black, talking to my friends, and cooking. Some of my dislikes include horror films, zombies, and coriander seeds. My hobbies include reading fiction novels, listening to kpop, and watching kdramas. I am the type of person who is very easily tempered. The smallest things make me angry, and it takes me some time to calm down. Be warned - I hold grudges! I also over think a lot. What will I wear tomorrow? Why haven't they replied back? I have been trying to get over that problem, and now don't over think as much as I did before.

My Favourite Things:

My Life Line:

August 15, 2000

I was born at Agnihoturi Maternity Hospital, in the small city of Jagadhri, District Yamuln-Nagar, Haryana India, at 8:30 pm. I was 7 pounds and had a strange cut on my right ear lobe.

Family Symbols:

Family Members

This photo represents my family because it shows the love we have for one another. Even though there may be many arguments and disagreements, we all still have each others back. We encourage each other to do things we fear to do and make new experiences with one another. A family succeeds at being a family when they show their love, which is what we do.


This symbol represents my family because it shows our religious background and culture. We are proud to say we are Sikhs, who love their country, and still idolize our gods, even though we are not in our home country. The double edged sword is a metaphor of divine knowledge, it sharp edges cleaving truth from falsehood. The Khanda symbolizes the perfection of god, who is equal, and temporal and spiritual authority. It also emphasizes that a Sikh must place on spiritual aspirations as well as obligations to society. This Khanda is a representation of all of us Sikhs in the world, and of our beliefs.

Canadian Flag

This symbol represents my family because it shows how we are proud to be Canadian citizens. We are proud to be apart of such a rich country, which is the 5th most beautiful country to live in by the US stats. We are proud to tell others that we are Canadian citizens, who live in a peaceful, non-violent country.

My Influences:

Many external factors have shaped me to be the person who I am today. My main influence is my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bella, who encouraged me to do anything I set my mind too. She was my kindergarten, 1st grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade teacher. Being new to the country, she often informed my parents about the different things in Brampton. She was close to my parents, so once kindergarten was done, she told them how I learned quicker than all the other students. She encouraged my parents to place me into the french immersion program, and from then on I became a new person, going a different path than my school mates. I am now, 9 years later, almost fluent in french.

My friends are all very influential. The way they act around me, has influenced to act more like them. I am now a very loud and open person, who does not care about what others think. They make me feel happy, and open myself up to new opportunities and experiences.

My Leadership Style:

I feel that my leadership style is a Persuader, but it may be different according to my friends. I am a person who instantly takes the role of leader when assigned a group project. Even though I may get bossy at moments, I still encourage co-operation from all the members. I believe that once work comes into count, you put all arguments behind you and work together to reach the goal. When it comes to different tasks, I give each team member a choice to decide what task they want to do, while also trying to convince them to do the task which goes with their strengths. For example, if someone is a good artist, I would get them to draw anything that needs to be drawn for the presentation. Lastly, when it comes to decision making in the group, I take everyone's opinion in the matter, but I try to convince everyone to see why I want to make a certain decision. So in the end, I guess I am the final decision maker.

My Role Model:

My Dad:

A role model is an individual who others look up to and is an example to others. A person who others strive to be like. My role model happens to by my father, Amarjit Singh Sarah. My dad is the most amazing person I have ever seen. Ever since I was little, ever since I started to walk and talk, he was the person I wanted to be like. My dad is intelligent, encouraging, and supportive. He looks at things in different ways than other people. He sees both the bad and the good in people. He is a quiet, reserved person, who will not bother you. He is also brave. He left his home and everyone he knew behind, so that he could come here to Canada, where he knew no one, and start a better life with his wife and kids. I strive to be like him. I strive to be as intelligent as him. As understanding and brave as him.

My Future:

My future has always been a mystery to me. When I start thinking about the topic of my future, I often become scared thinking of what the outcome of my future will be. Will I be happy? Will I still have the friends I have now? Will I have a great career? Will I be with someone? Even though the future if very confusing, I still have a goal that I wish to reach. In the future I want to become a pilot. I have thought about it long and hard, and I have decided that I want to see the world. What better way to see the world, than to become a pilot and be able to see new things as a living. While going on adventures, I will also be earning a salary to support myself. I have the path of goal mostly planned out. During my highschool years, I will take all the courses needed to become a pilot. Once highschool is done, I will go to a university or college, which overs a great 4 year aviation program. Once I get my degree or diploma, I will go to Flight School, and after that...well that`s all I`ve planned so far. My back up career in case I do not become a pilot, is to become a construction engineer, which is why I will be taking construction all through highschool.

My Personality Test Results:

a ) Learning Styles Test:

  • Visual
  • I am definitely a visual learner. It is very hard for me to be able to learn new things by doing them myself and listening to instructions. I work better when I am actually shown how to do things by others physically showing me a demonstration.

b ) Personality Test:

  • INFJ (Introverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Judging)
  • The results of my personality being INFJ is spot on because I am someone who is introverted, creative, optimistic, and principled. I am a person who can easily understand other individual's emotions, motives, needs, and can easily connect with others. I always try to solve "people" problems, trying to come up with good solutions, while also taking the impact it will have on others into account.

c ) Interests Test:

  • The Catalyst (SE)
  • I think the quiz is right about me bring like a catalyst because I understand others very well and often help others with their problems. I am also very confident and persuasive, which helps me when dealing with different types of people and trying to make then understand each others views. I am definitely someone who takes charge and acts like a leader, who can keep a balance between thought and action.

d ) Knowledge Test:

  • English
  • I like to learn more about the different types of English literature. I am the type of person who likes to read novels, write different works, and communicate with others. Language courses are also areas that I am interested in because I like develop my communication skills and learn a completely new language.

e) Motivations Test:

  • Achievement
  • Feeling as though I have accomplished something is definitely something that motivates me to do my best and succeed. I use my different skills, ablilites, and knowledge to get a sense of achievement so I can be happy with what I have done, even for the smallest things.

f ) Multiple Intelligences Test:

  • Intrapersonal Strength
  • My intrapersonal strength results did not surprise me because I feel that I know myself very well. I understand how I feel the way I feel towards certain people, and things. I am never confused about myself and know what I truly am like inside myself. I understand how to keep myself under control, what motivates me, and also have a firm grasp on how things go in my life.

g ) True Colours Strength:

  • Gold
  • This result actually pleases me because I truly do think this is the type of person I am. I am a very organized person, who does not like things that do not have systems. Education and works always come first, so a proper system is always needed to handle so much work, and be on time. I am also a very sensible, stable person, who knows what they want in their life and realize right from wrong.