Fixing old cars

Make old cars sound new again

What got me interested

My Dad got me into it when he started taking apart his 1967 Mercury Cougar engine. He let me help when I was around 7. I loved getting dirty and taking it all apart and then putting it back in the car. The sound of the engine was so throaty.

Ryan Friedlinghaus

Owner of the shop west coast customs they take celiberties cars and make them look amazing or as he says " puts the west coast customs touch on them" He has worked on LeBron James`s car, Mark Wallenburgs car. He is my idol

Some of the top jobs include

Guaranteed to be dirty and amazing in the end.

I still want to know which one of these is the better paying and which one is more fun to do because I am interested in all of them but I can only choose one.

What I'm doing next

I plan on talking to the teachers at the tech center that teach each of these fields and seeing what they think of it and I plan on taking each of those classes through my 3 highschool years.