Sochi Olympics 2014

Created for 4th and 5th grade

Day 1: Introduction to the Winter Olympics

View video clip on Jamaican bobsled team, then think about how you would feel if you were in a brand new event going into the Olympics. How would you feel going to a country you have never been too? How would the other Olympians treat you, what their expectations be for you? Do you think they would take you seriously if you looked different, sounded different, or acted different?

Cool Runnings Theatrical Trailer (1993)

Day 2: Information and History on the Olympic torch

What happens to the torch prior to the Olympics opening? Video clip about the Olympic torch in the spacewalk.

Follow with Reading passage on the 2014 Olympics Torch headed to space.

10 comprehension/critical thinking questions to answer

Space Relay: Olympic torch carried on spacewalk outside ISS

Favorite Torch Lighting (1992 Barcelona)

Barcelona 1992 Opening Ceremony - Olympic Flame - Lightning of the Cauldron

Day 3 – Sochi Web Quest

This gives a background on the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympic games, utilize these websites to answer questions on worksheet about Sochi, Russia.

Day 4 - Event Research

Talk about new event slopestyle snowboarding. Show below clips to help students make connections.
A New Olympic Event: Slopestyle | 2014 Sochi Olympics

Day 5 & 6 - Develop a New Olympic Sport

Have students design their own winter Olympic Sport. This could be fun for the kids use publishing programs like Prezi, Smore, Google Presentation, Glossi, to present their new sport with at least one picture included. The picture will have to be self-created.

Here are things for students to consider in creating their Olympic sport:

Design your own winter Olympic sport.

What is the new sport called?

What equipment will the players need?

What are the rules to the sport?

How many players on each team?

How large is the playing field?

How long does it take to play the game?

How do you keep score in your game?