how to stay safe online

online protection

Sure. The online world is a unique place to have fun and explore, But sometimes people take it too far like sharing their personal info with strangers. Keep reading for more advice about how to stay safe online.

1. Immediately close adds that claim you're a winner. Their almost certainly fake.

2. Don't give away your personal information to unknown contacts. Nobody knows who they are and they could be criminals.

3. Don't use your family name on your account. Goods may get stolen if you do so (like the money in your bank account).


We know, cyberbullying happens very often and the people behind this act are not people you would want to add to your contacts. Keep reading for tactics about what to do in this situation.

Block the sender, print out the evidence of the message, delete it and report it. If you can't manage to do this, try informing a parent or a teacher about the incident.

Always remember to keep your account private and not to post stupid stuff! Like these people!

If someone bullies you online don't bully them back. It can lead to serieous problems

Thank you for your attention and have a safe online adventure@!