Parkour & Free running lessons!

ALL ages, ALL skill levels

Learn from an experienced teacher

My name is Nathan Culver, I am a seasoned parkour & free running instructor, CPR & first aid certified, and have taught a diverse group of people in a way specific to their needs

Basic information

-Cost is $30 a lesson (each lesson is an hour) or $25 each if you bring a friend (as many friends as you would like) or 10 lessons for only $230! (You save $70)

-After about a month or so of taking lessons I film and edit your very own video and post it on Temecula Parkour & Freerunning's YouTube channel!

-Where? Sports parks, gymnastics gyms ($10 extra), and other various outside areas with plenty to work with

-When? Anytime that's convenient for you!

-Who can do it? Anyone! boy, girl, out of shape or athletic! Anyone can do it

-No means of transportation? I can always come to you!

-I recommend at least two classes a week for optimal improvement

What is parkour and freerunning?

Parkour is strictly get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible using only your body and enviorment to go over, under and through obstacles. Free running, on the other hand, adopts elements from parkour, gymnastics, and tricking to create one movement style using only your body and environment to perform freestyle tricks and flips

Quotes from satisfied parents and students

Whether trying to get in shape, trying to improve your movement, or just trying to find a fun activity to tire the kids out parkour & freerunning lessons are for you!