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Pikes Peak Early College, January Edition

A Note from Rochelle Kolhouse, Principal

Happy New Year, and welcome back! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing winter break. Things are moving here at PPEC this semester! In December, we had our groundbreaking ceremony, and the construction for the addition to our campus is underway! We are still on target to have the addition up and running by the next school year. The backhoes beeping is literally music to our ears, and we are very excited for what this can mean for PPEC in the coming school year.

Our students finished this first semester very strong! PPEC can once again boast a 93% successful completion rate of the college classes taken in the fall semester. For students to successfully complete a college course, they must earn at least a letter grade of a “C” or higher. We expect to achieve these same success rates during the Spring semester.

Spring semester also means testing season, and we will have some changes to our schedule as a result. Please be on the lookout for communication about testing dates, and these schedule changes in February.

We are off to a fantastic start to this Spring semester, and we look forward to all the amazing learning opportunities our teachers have planned in the weeks to come!


Welcome back to class, it’s hard to believe it’s 2020! What a fantastic and busy second semester we have planned for the science lab! Honors chemistry students will be exploring through labs and activities, some very exciting topics: stoichiometry, solutions, chemical reactions, rates of reactions and nuclear energy. Chemistry students will be collecting and analyzing data to test their understanding of thermodynamics, acids, and bases and organic chemistry. All chemistry students will be completing their job shadows this semester as well. This semester is also packed with exciting labs and activities for biology students, they will be discovering new innovations in biotechnology, exploring data that supports Darwin’s theory of natural selection, and through Socratic seminars, debate, experiential opportunities and writing challenges they will be diving into anatomy/physiology and ecology. All biology students will be completing their science-based community service projects this semester as well. Hold onto your goggles friends, this is going to be fun!


Spring Semester is full of my favorite projects and literature- I can’t wait to dive in!

English 1 will start with a life project where students design and maintain a working budget, interview for jobs, and learn how to deal with life issues: what to do when your car breaks down, should you get a pet, how to book a flight, etc. We will then move into my favorite unit- ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I’ll share more about that in February.

English 2 is jumping into a fun project where they will collaborate with our elementary students. To better understand the process of writing, our students will design a project to teach younger kids how to write sentences, paragraphs, and eventually, essays and stories. English 2 will work directly with elementary students on Fridays to make sure their project is on the right track!


2020 brings us some very mathematically pleasing factors of 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 101, 202, 404, 505, 1010, and 2020 and none of us remember 1919, anyway. We are excited to roll out College Algebra this semester through PPCC and a full group of PPEC students taking math at the college level. This semester will focus on Star testing, PSAT and SAT testing, and working towards 75% in Aleks by Spring Break. 86% of PPEC students were able to reach 60% completion in their math courses by winter break which exceeded the fall break checkpoint. Students will be required to complete 12 topics a week this spring semester again, but as the students get closer and closer towards 85% this becomes harder to complete each week. Therefore, allowances can be made toward late spring. Algebra I is pushing towards quadratic equations, Algebra II is starting units on graphing and solving higher order polynomials and rationals, while Pre-Calc will be concentrating on Trigonometry exclusively in the spring. So excited to get this spring semester and see how well our students are progressing.

World Language

Welcome to a new school semester and World Language class! This new year 2020 promises to be very exciting, with new expectations, full of new learning, and new goals to meet. My goal is to provide students with the tools to understand and communicate with others in their target language and to increase the level of competence of those who already have some prior knowledge.

During the month of January, students will work on making comparisons of cultural aspects. For this, the students will write an essay and use ThinkCERCA. They will also learn vocabulary about food and how to ask for it. In February, we will take a field trip to a restaurant where they will order food in their target language. Spanish II students will continue to work with the students in Colombia and learn more about their culture.

Tech Electives

Welcome Back! Our winner of the Ornament Design Contest, Josiah Lockette! He designed his very own baby Yoda. This semester Coding students will continue to develop Python skills. Regardless of career pathway, computer science basics are essential for all careers. This semester Coding 4 students will begin working with Class Object-Oriented Programming. Coding 2 students will continue working on animations, drawing, and creating games and animations. Teen Leadership students will transition to Academic Fitness to continue developing leadership skills and academic skills needed to be successful at Pikes Peak Early College and beyond.

Courses are ready to go in Edgenuity. Please make sure to check out the assignment calendar for all of your courses. Please let me know if you have any questions!

We are proud to present two Yetis for the month of December, Jocelyn Mullens and Lorelai Westerlund!

Meet Jocelyn!

My name is Jocelyn, and I like to draw and read. I am currently unsure of my career path for certain I would like to go into criminal justice or health, though. I am planning to try to graduate with an associate’s degree, but for the moment, unsure in what. I was Yeti of the Month for December, which in my opinion I feel like is really a way of being recognized for doing work either really well or just being outstanding rather than just average. For me, it just makes me feel a little more recognized in general just by my teachers and from some of my peers. I honestly don’t think I’ve mastered many of the traits, but I feel like I am better at a few than others. “Protects her own” was one that, for me, I feel like just comes kind of naturally as I am the oldest out of 6 kids, so I am just a very protective person in general. “Never quits” was the other that, for me, was definitely something that I had to work at and definitely has become one of my better traits because of how much I had to work at it. I struggled with a lot of things school-wise, especially in a couple of subjects, so not quitting was a way for me to become better at them.

Meet Lorelai!

I am Lorelai Westerlund. The Yeti of the month for December. I am so thankful to everyone who nominated me. At my old school, everything was a popularity contest, from who will be on student council to who is in what dodgeball team, so I was not really noticed. So if I even get nominated, it makes my day. I hope to do someday something that will help people. I am not sure what yet; however, I am currently interested in becoming a therapist. I came to Pikes Peak Early Collage because I loved the idea of moving at my own pace and doing more hands-on learning. In my free time, I am usually making something, whether it is a poem, drawing, or bracelet. So once I heard about PPEC, I knew that was the school for me. I can use my own learning style, and even when I can’t, I have amazing teachers to help me. Thank you so much for nominating me.

Counselor's Corner

It is time for the roaring ’20s! Let’s make this semester the best yet-i! There is so much happening at PPEC this semester.

We will start college advising for all concurrent enrollment students on February 3rd and wrap up all advising before Spring Break. Be sure to schedule your appointment early!

We will also be visiting PPCC for current 10th & 11th-grade students who are interested in the Career Start Program at PPCC. An email was sent out to all students but you can find out more information here. Visitation day will be February 14th. Students who participate in Career Start earn high school and college credits. If your student is interested, have them see Mrs. Bonavita before January 30th.

For graduating students, be on the lookout for an email with information regarding caps & gowns and graduation information. Also, be sure to bookmark the College Advising page on our website which will house the information as well.

Check out the links below for some great information!

UNIGO Scholarships

They have a variety of scholarships that are easy to apply for. Search their website and get $$$$ for college!

Going Merry Scholarship Website

Easy to apply for scholarships that are matched to YOU! They do the work for you. Create an account today!

REMIND Text Messaging for College Classes

Sign up to receive updates and reminders for college courses and concurrent enrollment. Follow the prompts.

Family Engagement Council

On September 9th, our new council met and discussed PPEC assessment data as well as zone priorities for this school year. If you are interested in viewing the agenda from our meeting as well as our meeting minutes on our website, please feel free to click on the FEC Additional Information link below. Our next Family Engagement Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 18th on our new campus (6113 Constitution Ave, Colorado Springs) from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm! Thank you for your time and dedication to our school!

Important Testing Dates

All PSAT/SAT testing sessions will be held at Creekside Success Center 3850 Pony Tracks Dr.

All 9th grade PSAT: April 16, 2020

All 10th grade PSAT: April 15, 2020

All 11th grade SAT: April 14, 2020

11th grade CMAS Science - April 10th

(please contact PPEC for alternative testing just for CMAS)

Upcoming Events

Please be sure to check the website calendar for information.

January 20th: MLK Day, no students

January 28th: Meet & Greet - New Enrollments

*Reminder, school hours are M, W, F 7:15 am-3:15 pm

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