I'm Caiah!

Hey you.


I'm just a laid back country boy who loves his video games, and his pineapples, and his video games. I'm 17 years old and just love to relax; which is not going to work for this year since I AM GRADUATING IN JUNE!

Le Interests.

I love to play video games: Call of Duty and Uncharted are king while the older Sonic games and Mario games are the princes of my wonderful video game collection. I love to work on cars and other mechanical devices. I also have a wild interest in computer science, military warfare, technology, sound equipment such as turntables, controllers etc.

I also have a huge interest in music! I love to listen, make, remix, mash-up, and analyze music; all types of music from Rap to soul, trap to pop, dubstep to rock, and techno to r&b. No country music though -.-

My favorite music artist, and icon, is Deadmau5.

I also am in LOVE with the Shelby/Roushe/Saleen mustangs. Mustangs in general have me shivering in my amorous, fanboy ways.

Deadmau5 Cthulhu Sleeps (Live from Brixton)
deadmau5 lights up London with amazing 4D projection - NOKIA Lumia Live
deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers (Official Video)


Money is an all time need. Plus food and water ect, you know the drill.


I am a silly, fun, down-to-earth guy who just loves to act silly and have fun whenever I'm with friends. I also adore my comedians: Kevin Hart is the funniest, then it is Daniel Tosh.

I'm a very analytic person also. I like to study how things work and usually i stay quiet during problems as i analyze every possible solution to the problem. I love to take things apart to see how they work and then put it back together again.

Midget Bar Fight HD


I honestly don't have many hobbies since most of the things i DO want to do cost money, and i dont have any money. But i write in my free-time: cartoon crossovers, fanfictions and other works. I draw occasionally: usually anything related to Sonic the Hedgehog. and i like to make music on my laptop.

I also love to write. Mostly Fanfictions of my favorite shows. But i wont leave any links to those... heh.