Are You Prepared?

The Wrong Reasons For Having A Child

  • · To make your own parents happy.
  • · Pressure from your partner.
  • · You believe you are getting to old and it is time.
  • · To avoid loneliness.
  • · To save a failing relationship.
  • · To fill an emotional void and to have someone to love you.
  • · To get your partner to commit in the relationship.

Being a parent is a life- long commitment, so it is obvious an extremely difficult decision for one to make as it will alter your life to a huge extent. For this reason it is important to have a child not only at the right time but for the right reasons. Choose to decide to have children because you want to love them and not because of your family’s and your society’s pressures. In other words, do not let outside pressures influence your decisions, as having a child should be a collective agreement between you and your partner. There are many wrong reasons for having a child and it is important to avoid these because it can result in resentment and regret no matter how much you love your child.

Skills Needed for Parenting And How To Develop Them


One of the most important life skills is communication skills. Communication refers to the transfer of information from one person to a next. Communication can be in both a verbal or non-verbal form. Being that parents are the first people that a child comes in contact with, they are gain the responsibility for the socialization of that child. They must teach their offspring’s behavioral patterns, and how to adapt as well as act appropriately in society and in group setting. In order to do this the parent they must obtain strong communication skills themselves. The must show their child how to speak and be spoken to however remembering to respect and encourage their child uniqueness. Parents need to be able to listen to their child and explain and respond with clarity.


Patience holds great value in life and especially when dealing with children. In order to be a successful parent, it is important to have a high patience level. In certain situations, children may simply not understand what their parents are asking of them or what is viewed as acceptable behaviors. It is also very important for parents to teach their child that patience is a virtue. In order for children to function in the world they must grasp that they must work for things in order to receive and everything takes time. This lesson can be taught through play games that require taking turns.


It is very important for a parent to know how to properly discipline their child. Often times, children tent to test their boundaries and it is very important for parents to know to properly and effectively respond to these behaviors. It is important for parents to show their child the consequence of certain actions and this would help their child function better in society.


Being a parent is a full-time job in itself. It is important for parents to be able to balance all their endless duties. Parents have to learn to play many roles including doctor, nurse, life coach, and “teacher.” Parents have many jobs to perform throughout the day, and in order to be a successful parent, they must be able to manage all their duties.

Signs of Readiness To Become a Parent

  • You are financial stable and acquire the money to raise a child
  • Having the desire to have a raise a child shows that one is ready to be a parent
  • Personal responsibility shows that one is ready to have a child
  • Having a committed partnership where both collectively agree on having a child
  • The love of children shows that one is ready to have one of their own

    Deciding to be a parent is a very difficult decision. Parenthood is a serious job and a journey that requires a lot of thought and planning. Ultimately a parent plays a huge role in their child’s life and if one is not ready they could possible jeopardize their child’s life. It is important for those planning to have a child to assess their circumstance to ensure that they are up for this lifelong important commitment