"What To Expect"

By Brianda Taylor Hour 2

Trimester 1

The first trimester is from fertilization all the way to 13 weeks. During this trimester, rising levels of hormones can cause breast growth and the feeling of sluggishness. During this trimester you might also experience nausea and vomiting. This is know as morning sickness.

On the other hand, your baby will also begin to develop webbed fingers and toes. Eyelids will also slowly begin to develop at this time. Halfway through this trimester they'll also start to develop lungs. By the end of this trimester your baby should around 3 inches long.

Trimester 2

The second trimester is from 14 to 27 weeks. During this time it is less likely for a misscarriage to happen and morning sickness should stop. Now is also the time yuou should start gaining more weight, possibly around 10 pounds at 20 weeks. Another thing to remeber is you're eating for two. It's best to eat a high iron diet, you can do this by eating red meat. It is also good to get a good nights rest because your sleeping pattern/style may also begin to change.

During this trimester as your baby continues to age it's brain will grow and it's lungs will develop branches. The baby's legs are also becoming longer than it's arms. the baby should also be able to sense light and be developing taste buds. This is also the time for parents to find out the sex of their child!

Trimester 3

The third trimester is from 28 to 41 weeks. Moms may begin having a extremely hard time sleeping because the baby keeps moving around. Random contractions may also happen at this time. Moms may also experience a leaking from her breast called "premilk". nursing pads can be very helpful when hiding that. Lastly, this is the time for both parents to decide things like circumcistion and if you want to take pain meds during labor or not.

During the third trimester the baby also experiences changes like turning their head from side to side . The baby's body will also begin to plunp. Their skin will get softer and they'll even grow eyelahes. this is also the time when your baby's fat will help them learn to regulate their own body temperature.

Advice For Expecting Fathers

Being a future dad can be somewhat nevre racking, you've helped in the process of creating another human being. This is a crucial time for you a your spouse to stay connected. Helping your wife during pregnancy is very important even if it's just the little things. You have to remeber it way harder for her to do things now that she caring for your child. Another important factor during pregnancy is communication. You have to be open to talking because there is a lot of decisions to be made when having a baby. Just rember to keep your priorities in check. Your wife and baby come first right now.