Week of February 25th, 2019

Hopefully a Full Week

For the sake of everyone hopefully we'll get in a full week this week. Our kiddos need the consistency! Please remember that our kids aren't giving us a hard time, they are having a hard time! I know it is hard to show grace to students when it seems all they do is interrupt and disobey, but we must resist the urge to lash out and work to find what is causing their behaviors. I think if you went to some of our kiddos homes you'd gain some insight into why they do the things they do. I'd wager to bet their are many homes that you wouldn't stay the night in if I paid you and our kids have to go there every night. We can only control the 7 hours a day that we have our students. Let's resist the urge to blame parents for our students short comings and let's find ways to make the 7 hours they are with us the best 7 hours of their day!

Supporting West Noble

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Dr. Suess Week

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Volunteers Needed

Saturday, March 3rd Central Noble Jr/Sr High School will be hosting the Destination Imagination Regional Competition. 71 teams representing 20+schools will descend on our small town for this full day of STEAM learning and demonstration. Last year was the first year that CN hosted and it was a huge success thanks in part to all of the volunteers that helped it to run efficiently and smoothly. We are hoping many of you will be able to help again this year. We need a handful of volunteers on Friday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. to help with set up and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. we need even more. If you would like to help for just a few hours please let myself or Mrs. Hoover know and indicate when you are available. Instructional Assistants can use this time as make up hours from our e-Learning days.

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Tuesday @ 7:50 in the Robotics Room: We will be working together on scoring a running record.

Thursday @ 7:50 in my office: Schedule committee meeting.

Important Dates:

3/16: PTO Father/Daughter Dance

3/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

3/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

3/21: 1st Grade Music Program

4/12: Mobile Dentist Follow Up

4/16: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

4/17: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

5/8: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

5/9: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

Please send me any important dates as you get them! Also, don't forget we have the shared google calendar with dates for events happening at CNP!