Avery Smith

Parents have the right to choose

  1. Most vaccinations are considered safe and effective, but that is not true for everyone
  2. Vaccinations are different for everyone, we all do not have the same reactions, you cannot predict who will get hurt
  3. A few things separate pedestrians from government officials against viral diseases, a reason for anti-vaccine people
  4. This issue is a philosophical question for those who already question the governments power
  5. The Prince of Wales is submitting a form for other medicines and wanting medical watchdogs to help new jobs in order to help the patients
  6. Two years ago the government requested to bring in new practitioners that work herbal and Chinese medicine, which would help therapists work with the healthcare workers

Must be required side

  1. In this new argument, two new physicians are looking to help the research committee to shut down new clinical trials using human subjects, to be allowed for "highly implausible" different medical treatments, like chemotherapy and andreik
  2. A cancer surgeon at Wayne State University school of medicine and a neurologist at Yale university have argued that clinical trials "led to the infiltration of pseudoscience" with academic medicine, they have also caused real harm
  3. If certain people wanted to lose weight, smaller prostates, not get colds, more energy, help the brain, loose stress, get sick less, not get cancer, extend your life, eliminate pain all you have to do is get a vitamin not try a new kind of medicine.

What things could happen?

You could get appendicitis and have foods that you cannot eat because of sicknesses because of the trials.

7th grade science

Mrs. Peters class 6th hour