French Class - Parent Newsletter

September 24, 2015

Progress Reports & Standards Based Grading - A Focus on Learning


It is hard to believe that we are already more than one month into the school year!

We have only just begun to gain proficiency with the new vocabulary in each class this year. Progress reports came out today and you should know that at this point in our learning, there has not been an opportunity to demonstrate understanding beyond a proficiency level. Therefore the highest grade that a student could earn at this point is a B. If your child has a B on their report card, then they are currently meeting all expectations and should be commended. If your child has a grade lower than a B, then that only indicates a need for more practice or tutoring and then the student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate any improvements in their understanding. Their grade will reflect any gains in understanding that have been made as the quarter progresses.

As explained in the syllabus for this course, a Standards Based Grading system is being implemented in this course. The focus is on learning, gaining proficiency in a skill or concept, and being allowed to continually strive for proficiency. Please refer to the syllabus that is located on Canvas for more information and resources explaining how standards based grading will work in this class.

When we have worked with the material extensively, students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding that goes beyond the proficiency level. By Report Card time, students will have been given ample opportunity to demonstrate a high level of understanding for all of the concepts or skills and it will be possible to earn an A.

Above all, please know that the grades assigned in this course are not rewards or compensation. Nor is a grade assigned in this course because a student is compliant with completing work. in this course, the grades are designed to be a communication of the student's current level of understanding of a concept or skill.

Please be encouraging and accepting of your child's current progress and support them in their learning process as they begin to learn and become proficient in a new language.

Now that the technology is available, I look forward to communicating to you within the week how you can observe your child's continual progress. Please look for this newsletter concerning eSembler, Canvas, ActiveGrade, and the online textbooks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can work together to ensure your child's success in my class.

Mrs. Smith
French Teacher
Ridgewood High School