Belgium and the European Union

Belgium was one of the seven founder countries of the European Union. Belgium helped form the European Union in 1958

History of Belgium

Belgium has been part of the Netherlands up until 1830. Although during WW1 and WW2 it was occupied by the Germans.

Geographic location

In Western Europe, Belgium is located at 50 50 north and 4 00 east. The country borders The North Sea, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

The Belgium Flag

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Major cities of Belgium

The capital of Belgium is Brussels, and four other important cities are Brugge, Ostend, Liege, and Aalst.

Tourism in Belgium

A lot of people go to Belgium because there are a lot of castles. Another reason that people go to Belgium is because the food is very good. Some foods include eel and mussels.

Geography of Belgium

In Belgium there are three major physical features. The costal area, mostly beaches. The central plateau, a raised, flat area with canals. And the Ardennes uplands, mostly rugged flat topped mountains.

The Belgium government

The government in Belgium is a Federal Parlementary Democracy Underconstitutional Monarchy


Belgium uses the euro. Before converting to the euro, Belgium used the Frank. Approximately one US dollar is equivalent to 37.00 Belgium francs (BEF).

Interesting facts about Belgium

1-The smallest town in the world (Burby) is in Belgium with 500 people.

2-Belgium produces about 220,000 tons of chocolate per year.



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