Disc Jockeys

What is a Disc Jockey

What is a Disc jockey

Disc Jockeys, more commonly known as DJ's mix and make music for an audience. There many types of DJ's, there are Radio DJ's, Club DJ's, and mobile DJ's.

  • Mobile DJ's use portable sound systems to mix their music. non experienced Mobile DJ's usually make around 100 dollars a night, while on the other hand experienced Mobile DJ's make around 500 dollars a night.
  • Radio DJ's mix off of AM,FM, or internet radio stations. A beginner Radio DJ can make around 25,000 dollars a year, an experienced Radio DJ can make up to 100,000 dollars a year. But an average Radio DJ makes in between 38,000 and 60,000 dollars a year. As a Radio DJ you usually have conversations, make jokes on air, have phone-ins, talk news and weather, or have interviews.
Last there are Club DJ's that play at clubs, weddings, night clubs, or at discotheques, discotheques is a longer name for disco which is a club or party people dance at. Famous Club DJ's can easily make 150,000 dollars a year. a regular expert can charge up to 500 dollars a session.

Also DJ's often make their own logos or album covers.

What do DJ's use

  • DJ's use sound recordings which are a variety of sounds that DJ's use to mix.
  • They use CD's for songs or instrumentals.
  • They use computers, media files, and other sources for music.
  • They use sound systems, stereos, speakers, a microphone, and headphones.
  • DJ's also use a system called an audio mixer which is a console also known as a mixing desk, soundboard which is an electronic device used for combining, routing, and changing the level, timbre, and dynamics of audio signals.
  • They also have a machine called a turntable which is used to scratch a vinyl to make a unique noise in a song.
  • A vinyl is a music disc used on a turntable.

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What schooling do you need

You don't need schooling but you should have a good interest in music, be able to work calmly under pressure, have good business skills, have a good personality, be creative, and be smart with your equipment.