ECISD AVID in Action

April 2015 Edition

AVID 8th Annual Celebration

AVID Makes My Future Bright!

The 8th annual AVID celebration took place April 28th at the UTPB Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center. It was a student led celebration where student leaders from every campus announced the evening events. Motivational speaker Jared Campbell, sponsored by CCFCU, delivered his message about finding the light that pushes you. Our ECISD AVID seniors were recognized by receiving their college acceptance shirt and graduation cord. With the support of their AVID teachers, our AVID seniors are successfully finishing their high school career and preparing for college. All AVID seniors applied to 4 or more colleges and 100% received college acceptance letters!
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OUR Future is so Bright, we gotta wear shades!

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AVID Student winners

Throughout the year, ECISD AVID students have an opportunity to earn incentive tickets for demonstrating AVID excellence. During the Annual AVID Celebration, a drawing was held to award one student from each campus a laptop donated by Sewell Family of Companies and ORMC. This year's winners were: Corey Harris, PHS; Samantha Ornelas, OHS; Reece Bell, Nimitz; Alexandra Dominguez, Ector; Madison Armentrout, Bonham; Krisephanie Chavez, Hood; Isaiah Castillo, Bowie; Aaron Cerda, Crockett; and Ashley Foster, NTO.

In addition, CCFCU awarded $1,200 scholarships to deserving AVID seniors. The students had to complete an application, get recommendation letters, and write an essay to indicate the impact AVID has had on their lives. This year's winners were: Ajahcia Powell, PHS; Marlon Ortega, PHS; Briana Dominguez, PHS; Priscila Colchado, OHS; Maria Mandujano, OHS and Maria G. Mandujano, OHS.

The high schools were also invited to participate in an essay writing contest. The theme for the essay was how AVID makes their future bright. Our student winners shared their essays at the celebration. Winners were Kassandra Amesquita, Junior from OHS and Marlon Ortega, Senior from PHS. They were mentored by members of the community, Danita Maldonado, Blaze Media and Gus Ortega, ONCOR. The winners received a $500 scholarship.

A big Thank you to all of our Community Partners!

Millions of reasons to Celebrate!

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Featured WICOR Strategy - Strategies For ALL Students

Writing - One-Pagers

WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading) provides a learning support structure that teachers use to guide students in comprehending complex concepts across disciplines.

The AVID One-Pager is a reading strategy that allows students to look critically at a text, find evidence, create a visual representation and write their own reflection. It is a single-page response that allows students to be creative, respond to a reading (poem, novel, chapter of a book, etc.) and communicate their understanding. It is not a summary. The purpose is for students to own the reading and create their own thought patterns.

There are two basic styles of one-pagers. Style 1 allows for some structure, while style 2 allows for more creativity.

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Online Reading Resource

The ECISD AVID Department has ensured that each Elementary, Middle and High School has a unique password to access AVID Weekly. Contact your campus AVID coordinator to get your password. This valuable resource can be shared with all content and grade level teachers. Since it is web-based, AVID Weekly is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to for more information.

There are many articles and images included this month. Some include...

Articles/Lessons in AVID Elementary Weekly:

  • An Inquiry Wicorized Lesson on Decimals suitable for K-3
  • A Note-Taking Wicorized Lesson on the Blue Whale for students in 3-6 and
  • A Leveled Questions Activity Idea on Income Levels and College Completion for students in 5-6.

Articles/Lessons in AVID Weekly for Secondary:

  • "Voices: In defense of making friends online" - Foundational Article
  • Two articles to answer the question, "Should cellphone use while driving be outlawed?" Intermediate Articles
  • "Popcorn physics: why it explodes, jumps and makes the pop sound" - Instructional Model Lesson with embedded ELL scaffolds.

ECISD AVID Department

Dianne Mata AVID District Director

Virginia Hunt AVID District Coordinator

Ann Suiter AVID Secretary

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.